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Borna plastic company Sepahan was established in 1999 with a license to operate the ministry of industries and mines of Isfahan province

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  • shopping bag With a young management team and an professional and experienced team from the very beginning, it has put the quality and variety of the product at the top of our business.

  • shopping bag This industrial unit is a buying and importing machine for manufacturing, packaging from our beloved country and Italy and Taiwan have taken great steps to upgrade their products.

  • shopping bag As the company now has a nickname for distributing its products with the Borna brand inside the country and a prominent brand of neighboring countries like Kurdistan of Iraq, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • shopping bag Borna Plastics has been honored as the first manufacturing unit to receive the national standard in Isfahan province and apples health from the food and drug administration.


Use of modern devices in Italy and Taiwan in the production of products

Borna Plastic

More than 50 years of experience in the plastic industry